Abandoned Hen Farm

This is a perfect example of why i cannot support the egg and meat industry, and why I had to stop eating animal products. I have always been an animal lover for as long as I can remember… I never enjoyed eating meat and I remember my mother forcing me to eat it all the time as a child. In the past few years, I started to question why should we eat them, why should we eat eggs. Why should an animal suffer just for one silly meal?? We’ve always been taught that we need to eat meat for the protein. There are other sources of protein that don’t involve harm to animals. In my mind, eating an egg is not as bad – nobody died for that single egg, but obviously the entire process involves a lot of pain and torture for hens. When chicks are born, their beaks are burned off so that they don’t harm other chicks. They’re confined in small cages with little room for movement. They have to walk around in feces. It’s not a healthy way to live. And of course, hens are injected with hormones and antibiotics, and those chemicals end up in the eggs. I once saw some footage from a documentary called Earthlings. When the hens were past their prime, they were kicked and stomped to death since it’s easier and cheaper than using a humane way of killing. They don’t deserve this kind of treatment, not at all. We are all equals on this planet, and they deserve our kindness, love, and respect.

This video is taken from the website of the farm animal rescue organization Animal Place in California. http://animalplace.org/emergency-turlock-hen-rescue. Earlier this month, they rescued 4,000+ starving hens that were left to die at an abandoned hen farm. The farm had 50,000+ hens, most of which had already died from lack of food and healthy living conditions. Of the survicing hens, the organization has been working to find them healthy and happy homes, but they still have around 3,000 hens in their care. My previous job was at an animal shelter, and from my experience I know that a lot of food is required to keep that many animals alive. As you can imagine, the expense is extremely high. These hens require about $300 worth of food a day!! Please make a donation if you can – anything will help and is greatly appreciated.


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